About Us

Our Bartenders

Jeff Hubing:

This veteran bartender started here May 16, 2006 after Buchels Colonial House closed. He will be quick to make you feel welcome with his humourous and up beat personality. Pours a "great" drink. In charge of trips to the casino, Arlington, the Bog(golf) , etc. Now that his children are finally out of college he is saving his tips for his grandsons college fund.

Go to Drink: Bacardi and Coke or Smithwicks

Larry Unger:

Our Nightowl bartender who likes to sleep in, started here in March of 1997. He likes to "fix" things and stocks the bar and helps with inventory and ordering.

Ask him about his daily internet jokes.

Go to Drink: Beam N Coke

Our Cooks

Joel Wheaton:

Took over desserts where Mom left off. Come and say hi Tuesday through Saturday

Go to drink Cake with a lot of frosting

Rich Plier:

Started here February 1st, 1991. His "build it and they will come" attitude was responsible for our patio and kitchen addition. This tireless workhorse makes all of our soups including his multiple award winning chili.

Go to Drink:Busch Light and a shot of VO

The Owners

John and Angela Weinrich

John Bought the property in 1989 along with his uncle and silent partner Richard M. Lehn. Angie started in 1994 and now runs the office and waitresses.

Kids:Johnny is 11 and Jackie is 10. Keri is 23 and made this website. She deserves and "A."

The Regulars

Too many to list, but always appreciated. We couldn't do it without you.